CPSIA Certified

The Commission believes that an electronic certificate is properly "accompanying" the product or shipment of the product as required by CPSIA if a certificate meeting the requirements of the rule issued today can reasonably be accessed by information on the product or accompanying the product or shipment, for example a unique identifier that can be accessed via a World Wide Web URL or other electronic means, provided the URL or other electronic means and the certificate and unique identifier are available to the Commission immediately when the product or shipment itself is available for inspection in the United States. Similarly, if a reasonable means to access the electronic certificate is available to distributor(s) and retailer(s), the Commission believes that the statutory "furnish" requirement is met. 


Ozark Mountain Kids 
1125 N 20 Street Ozark, MO
65721 417-485-4279 www.ozarkmountainkids.com

Ozark Mountain Kids is committed to manufacturing the safest, highest quality toy products. As valued customers, you should know that we comply with all standards required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), including, but not limited to, testing for heavy metals (including lead paint), sharp point testing, age appropriate testing, and more. Our dedication to producing quality products has been paramount since our inception in 1991, and you can trust that now, more than ever, we are committed to raising our standards even higher.

Providing safe toys is the priority of the toy industry, and Ozark Mountain Kids is committed to continuous improvements in design, testing, and inspections to ensure the highest quality.

Our products must pass the following tests for North America bound products:

ASTM F963-07 Part 1: Physical and Mechanical Test

ASTM F963-07 Part 3: Heavy Metal Analysis - Surface Coating Total Lead Content (16 CFR 1303)

ASTM D3421 DEHP Content / Phthalate for PVC products

All items are manufactured in our own factory with chenilles from India that are lead free & tested by 

All individual items are being manufactured ongoing at our own factory here in Ozark, Missouri, they all are madewith safety in mind.

This certificate will be updated as more info & clarity of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 becomes available.