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* How can I purchase from you?

* What is chenille?

* Is it washable?

* Can I get custom colors or designs?

* Our cushions in the chair has become misshaped, what can we do?

How do you reassemble the chair after washing the skin? 
  Click here to see step-by-step instructions.

Your must have a state’s sales tax with a real venue for selling our products. If you want something for yourself, we would be glad to point you in the direction of a qualified retailer in your area.

Chenille is a more of a process than a fabric. They start off with cotton fabric and then tuft threads into designs, making that soft old time feeling.

Chenille fabric it’s self is very washable, and comes preshrunk. Even the stuffed items may be washed. Placed in washer by itself, use the gentle cycle, tumble dry. We suggest using a commercial dryer since the first few times the chenille will clog a home filter.

Since most is made by us, here at our own factory, we are able to do some changes in the original pieces. Although we can’t produce one of a kind ideas that you may have, we do get get some of our best products from suggestions of our customers.

The cushions are made of polyester fibers, over time, they will compress & need some new stuffing. You can purchase bags of batting from your favorite department store or craft store. Just open a seam on which ever cushion that needs help & add as much fiber as it needs, the just simply sew up the hole you opened. Or you can call us up and buy a new set of cushions for just 29.50 dollars plus shipping

We have put together instructions, just click here.